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Preservation Nomination  

WANTED: Preservation Award Nominees

PreservationCertThe Sacramento Art Deco Society endeavors to bestow Preservation Awards to honor the preservation of buildings, art and culture from the Art Deco era. An award may also recognize preservation efforts outside of the Sacramento metropolitan area. Past award winners reflect a mix of public and private buildings, as well as individuals who have preserved the art and culture of the era.

We also appreciate updates on any of our former award winners. We are always looking for nominees, so keep your eyes open throughout the year for candidates.

The Board of Directors needs to know what is distinctive about your nominee so please include any and all information that you can find:

  • Short biography or history:  If it is a person or organization that you are nominating.
  • History of a building: Who built it and when? Are there other works by the architect?  Did the building host any special events?  Opening night?
  • Condition: Is a restoration in process or recently completed? Has the building been kept up or is it a neglected treasure?
  • Identify the Owner or Manager of the building
  • Describe the Architectural Details
  • Photos:   If possible, send photos from a variety of perspectives.  Label with relevant information; include location address of a building.
  • Press Clips: Include any newspaper or magazine articles about your nominee.

List your name and contact information so we can acknowledge your efforts and let you know if your nominee wins!

Send to:
SADS – Sacramento Art Deco Society
P.O. Box 162836
Sacramento, CA 95816