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The Moderne Times is the quarterly publication of the Sacramento Art Deco Society. Well-researched, educational and informative articles about the era are presented on a variety of topics for our subscribing members.*

Also included are articles about member presentations from our Lecture Series, recent society activities and upcoming events. The highlight of every issue is the full-color cover and centerfold as well as the numerous graphics and pictures inside. Our intent is to delight the eye as well as the mind as one ventures on an Art Deco journey.

Roy S Engoron is the Editor and our Graphic Designer, Paul Galang, designs the layout and covers. Articles are contributed by members and interested parties.


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MT Cover Winter 2015MT Cover Spring 2015 MT Cover Summer 2015







• WINTER 2015 - THE DARKER SIDE – A Quartet of Mysteries, The New Sensation:  Crime and Tabloid Reportage, The Crime of the Century, & more.  32 pages

• SPRING 2015 – ENTERTAINMENT – Sacramento Junior College Art Balls 1927 to 1948, In Glorious Technicolor, An Incredible Partnership – The Perfect Pair, Art Deco and the Movies:  Greta Garbo, & more.  32 pages

• SUMMER 2015 - JOY OF MOTORING - CA Route 101, Streamline Cars of the Art Deco Period, The Lincoln Highway, The Cord 810 – An Exercise in Deco Design, Highway Humor, & more.  32 pages
MT Cover Winter 2014MT Cover Spring 2014MT Cover Summer 2014









• WINTER 2014 - Tower Theatre 75th Anniversary, The Deco Apple – New York Architecture, Icon:  Cary Grant & more.  28 pages

• SPRING 2014 - DINING & EATING - Streamlined Dining:  The Automat, The Florida Inn, Cook Books, Lost Restaurants of Sacramento,  Waxed  Paper, Skyscraper Souls and the Production Code, Personal Profile &
more.  32 pages

• SUMMER 2014 - TRAVEL – Deco Bridges of the Oregon Coast Highway, Transportation Vehicles That Became Deco, The Speed Era:  Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Orient Express, Streamlined Trains of the 1930s & more.  32 pages

2013 Issues


• WINTER 2013 – INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – Belle Kogan – Pioneer Industrial Designer, Happy Days of the Jukebox, City College Auditorium Renovation, The Kindest Cut of All, Art Deco Reimagined & more.  28 pages

• SPRING 2013 - LOST & FOUND - Frankart Female Forms, Alhambra Theatre Parts, Campbell Soup Plant, Habana Deco Congress, End of the Big Band Era & more.  40 pages

• SUMMER/AUTUMN 2013 - ART DECO REIMAGINED - Vintage Items and Contemporary Art, Setting Up the Show, Photo Gallery from the Show, Miniature Moderne, Articles From the Attic.  36 pages

2012 MT Issues

• WINTER 2012 – ROARING 20TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE – A historic Photo Archive of SADS history, including exciting events, lectures and preservation awards.  32 pages

• SPRING 2012 – DECO ERA COSTUMES – The Harlequinade, Fancy Dress Gallery, Costume Parties in the Films, Marion Davies’ Costume Parties, Napoleon – Movie Review, Zanzibar Club, The Architecture of John Lautner & more.  32 pages

• SUMMER 2012 – THE GREAT OUTDOORS – Timberline Lodge in Oregon, WPA Posters by Dorothy Waugh, Canoe Joy, the Man Ray and Lee Miller exhibit, SADS Vision Plan & more. 32 pages

• FALL 2012 – SCIENCE FICTION – Buck Rogers and Science Fiction Toys, The Streamlined Moderne, Futuristic Fantasy, Back to the Future with Raymond Loewy & more.  32 pages


• WINTER – ART DECO ACCESSORIES – Women’s Hats, Jewelry of the Stars, Men’s Accessories, Vintage Desk Accessories, Deco Doorknobs & Sacramento Deco – The Colonial Theatre & more. 32 pages

• SPRING – ART DECO BOOKS – The Great Gatsby, Zelda and F. S. Fitzgerald, about books of the era made into movies, then movies of the era made into books, Yearbooks of 1930s Sacramento City College, Typography, Bookbinding & more. 32 pages

• SUMMER – SUMMER IN THE CITY – Hollywood Stars At Play, The Jantzen Swimsuit, Lost Sacramento Deco Buildings, SADS 20s Fashion Show at the Central Library & more. 32 pages

• FALL – NIGHTTIME DECO – ‘Sacramento Glows’ features nighttime streetscapes in the mid-1930s. ‘Hollywood at Night’ gives vivid descriptions of nightclub interiors and the movie stars that frequented them. ‘Neon Lights in a Deco Sky’ explores the history of Neon’s discovery and its use in the Deco Era. Photos of SADS Gold Country Deco tour, Preservation Award Dinner & more. 32 pages


• WINTER – ART DECO LIGHTING – Figural Lamps, Glossary of Glass, Glass Designer Marius Sabino, Sacramento Deco, Deco Valentines & more. 32 pages

• SPRING – HOLLYWOOD FASHION – Ginger Rogers, Hollywood Gents, Fashion Designer Bernard Newman, Capitol Deco Buildings, Iceland Revisited & more. 32 pages

• SUMMER – SINS AND SINNERS OF THE DECO ERA – Fan Dancer Sally Rand, Depression Era Gangsters, The Fine Art of Smoking, Ralph Stackpole’s art in Sacramento, Big Bad Mae West & more. 32 pages

• FALL – ART DECO METALS – Bronze Beauties, Vintage Cocktail Shakers, Repoussé, Edgar Brandt, Chase Chrome, Sac Deco – The Alhambra Reservoir. 32 pages

MT 2009issues

• WINTER – ART DECO ARCHITECTURE – Architecture by Pflueger and Cedric Gibbons; Sculptor Rene Paul Chambellan; Deco in Arbuckle, CA; Griffith Observatory; Tulsa Deco Gems; Fur Collar Fashion & more. 36 pages

• SPRING – GLOBAL DECO – MesoAmerican Deco; Shanghai Art Deco; Taisho Era Deco; Moderne Metal Appliances & more. 36 pages

• SUMMER – WORLD FAIRS – Chicago World’s Fair; 1939 NY World’s Fair; Pageant Of The Pacific; 10th World Congress & more. 40 pages

• FALL – CALIFORNIA MOVIE PALACES – Movie Escape; Pflueger Theatres; Theatre Advertisement; Theatres of Auburn, Bakersfield, Marysville, Grass Valley, Pantages in Hollywood & more. Cover picture by Larry Grossman.  36 pages


• WINTER – BRAVE NEW WORLD OF PLASTICS – History of Plastics; Bakelite Facts; Father of Modern Plastic; The Amazing Plastic Car; Laurel And Hardy & more. 32 pages

• SPRING – GUIDE TO DECO WEDDINGS – Bridal Fashions of the 20s & 30s; Groom Wear; Deco Trousseau; Bridal Bouquets; 1923 Duke of York Royal Wedding; 1924 Movie Star Wedding; Cake Toppers; 1930 Honeymoon at Niagara Falls & more. 40 pages.

• SUMMER – DECO ERA ADVERTISING – Ad Artists A. M. Cassandre, F.X. Leyendecker, McKnight Kauffer and Erte’; Art of the Cigarette; Burma Shave Humor & more. 32 pages.

• FALL – ART DECO FURNISHINGS – Design Elements; Designers Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Paul Frankl and Eileen Gray; Furniture in Films; History of Wood Veneer & more. 36 pages


• WINTER – ANIMALS OF ART DECO – Deco Animal Symbolism; Deco Animals in Architecture; Dogs and Cats in Deco Movies; Animal Hood Ornaments; Louis Icart & more. 36 pages

• SPRING – DECO WORLD TOUR – Deco Hotels; Luggage Labels; Hotels in Deco Films; Lawrence Murray Dixon – Miami Beach architect of the 30s; 1927 Paris Fashions; Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel; Men’s Fashions & more. 36 pages

• SUMMER – LEISURE OF THE DECO ERA – Bathing Beauty Contests; Men’s Golf Attire; Esther Williams; Fashion King Paul Poiret; Vintage Game Histories; Book Reviews & more. 40 pages

• FALL – TRANSPORTATION – Deco RVs; Streamlined Trains; Zeppelins; Tea for Transportation; Clipper Planes & more. 36 pages